Art Work

I am an artist.

I explore the human condition through sexuality and as an Artist, my work is connected to sociology and media, bringing this into a Fine Art context.

I am making a study on my own terms.

My focus is human relationships and my work looks at liberation and loss but I am more concerned with loss.

Some of this work is work I created on my degree and master’s and some more recently.

'Amen' praying hands, cast from anal fisters
‘Amen’ praying hands, cast from anal fisters

Gerald Siena is a very talented zine artist, we worked closely on projects together, and he contributed to my final MA show with his zine ‘nowhere in particular’.

‘The real problem with humanity is, we have Palaeolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology and it is terrifically dangerous and it is now approaching a point of crisis overall’

Edward O Wilson

‘We are so full of apprehensions, fears, that we don’t know to exactly to what it points, a great change of our psychological attitude is imminent, that is certain because we need more, more psychology,  more understanding of human nature because the only real danger that exists is man himself. We are the great danger, and we are pitifully unaware of it. We know nothing of man, far too little. His psyche should be studied because we are the origin of all coming evil’