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Dirty Blue By Gerald Siena

Escapism of the highest order

Mistress Charlie gave me the most fulfilling afternoon imaginable, taking me to places and states of mind that I’d been craving…. but didn’t think could be achieved. Mistress’ communication, scheduling and directions were excellent, but what makes Her truly special is the level of interest She takes in you. Despite my nerves, She did very well in calming me. After a relaxing chat and drink, our play session was everything I could’ve hoped for, sending me deep into sub-space. It covered everything from light sensuous domination, through to humiliation and intimidation, and up to a hard ballbusting. Our session finished with a long and intimate tantric massage, a truly mind-melting experience which brought me right back down to earth.

I felt complete trust in Mistress Charlie, She’s not a clock-watcher, and She happens to be VERY attractive. Safe to say, I’m already thinking about my next session with Mistress!

A first time, for all of us!

My wife of thirty five years and I have never before visited a dominatrix. What on earth have we been doing all that time? We made an appointment to meet Charlie and when we arrived, she then told us we were her first couple! No problem, she was wonderful at putting us completely at ease, discussing what we might try over a glass of wine and then starting a delightfully contrasting experience. Soft caressing strokes and nipple kisses and then a sharp slap on the buttocks, but all with us blindfolded, so what was coming next?

We were with Charlie for two hours, it seemed more like twenty minutes, time flies when you are having fun! We could have stayed longer, but we had a restaurant booking which we only just made. She is generous with her time and you are the sole focus of her attention throughout. She created a warm, safe feeling environment, which had an erotic, exciting edge to it.

A lovely, intelligent person, whom we thoroughly enjoyed being with, I highly recommend her.

Essential Therapy

A totally unrushed, thoughtful and genuine encounter. From the warm welcome, initial fact find, broader introductory conversation, and session itself, my experience can be summed up in one word; encapsulating. It’s no exaggeration to say that her soft spoken, yet assured commands and equally varying touch singlehandedly reversed years of a seemingly underwhelming libido. I’m even more excited to explore even further both physically and mentally with Mistress Charlie.

Truly the Best

“Truly The Best”

Great Session

“Great session, always great to talk to and then gets down to business, no clock watching, lovely lady”

Combines The Sensual And The Erotic

“I was intrigued when I came across Charlie Suede’s website as it was different from many others – in a good way. It told of someone intelligent, thoughtful and artistic – as well as somebody capable of taking charge and being dominant. I was not to be disappointed. Mistress does sessions both in London and in the SW Midlands where I visited her at her pretty cottage on the borders of Worcestershire and Herefordshire. First impressions were very favourable – a friendly welcome from a very attractive woman of imposing stature with a great figure and captivating eyes. No clock watcher, we had a lovely chat over a drink in time which was not deducted from my session time. She has a way of getting you to talk and I found myself trusting her with lots of information about my background and kinks. She was clearly genuinely keen that the session should meet my needs yet I also still felt that she was clearly going to be “in charge” which of course is what I wanted. I was not up for some of the more intense things she offer like pegging and electrics but Charlie Suede was absolutely fine with that. It was very clear that she was both willing and able to operate at a level which would suit an absolute beginner or one who enjoys the milder end of domination but could certainly turn up the intensity if that is what you want. The key thing is that I felt complete trust in her and in her wish to give me the session I wanted and needed.

One of her defining characteristics its the way that Mistress combines (and moves easily between) the sensual and the erotic on the one hand and the demanding and dominant on the other. She began with some gentle ’tie and tease’ and blindfolding me after checking I would be comfortable with that. She then teased me sensuously with a few sharp bits thrown in. I had said that impact play was my main interest and so we moved on to that. Once again she was very imaginative in her approach to this and in her use of a variety of instruments including a plimsol and the cane. She is clearly very experienced and adept and was good at judging how much I was able to take. For the latter part she moved me to her massage table and delivered a very expert and sensuous massage which left me completely satisfied. I always felt that she was being completely herself and not just going through the pro domme motions and that she was genuinely interested in me and and what I was experiencing. Yet with her commanding figure and strong personality I always felt that she held the cards. Which is what I came for after all.

I often take the dominant role in BDSM play but I have also been dominated by a good number of women, both professionally and otherwise. I have no hesitation in saying that Charlie Suede is easily the best I have experienced and if you are lucky enough to meet her then you will not be disappointed and you will have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.”

Mistress Is Formidable

“Mistress is very selective. Should she choose to session with you as her slave, you could not hope to find anybody better than Mistress Charlie Suede to enslave you.

Make no mistake, in session mistress is formidable. If the full dominatrix experience is what you want, she will deliver that in spades but if, like me, you would prefer a more lenient approach when it comes to psychological sensual torture, she can do that too and is a real master at it.

However, she will expect you to take more than you thought you could take, and like it. Luckily for me, I did like it.

I’ve never met someone who is clearly, and beautifully, intent on captivating me in so many different and interesting ways, many of which I had not even considered before in my wildest fantasies, all delivered in a manner that is utterly beguiling and totally irrestiable. I have barely begun and have already been taken much further towards being a ‘pain slut’ than I could possibly imagine.

Mistress is not just churning out BDSM, she is a genuine dominatrix with a real passion for what she is doing, and, I’d like to think, a genuine fondness for those lucky enough to be her slaves. Out of session she could not be more warm, wonderful and wise. It really has been an honour and a pleasure to get to know and be included in her world in some small way.

Mistress is tall in her high heels, not in a way that is imposing, but is awe inspiring. She has the longest legs, and the most fabulously tantalising breasts I have ever seen. She will be ‘dressed to kill’ every inch of her is pure pleasure.

In or out of session mistress is astonishingly beautiful, not just physically, but in every way. She is poised, well spoke and fiercely intelligent.

Mistress is an artist, if you are a good slave, she may tell you more about that.

She will want to know all about you, and will go to great lengths to make sure each session is uniquely tailored to suit your kinks and needs. Mistress does not offer a, ‘one size fits all’ service. Her thoughtfulness is not something you would find elsewhere.

Be honest with her and be honest with yourself. Eventually Mistress will get to know the core of you and give you not what you thought you wanted, but what you actually need. This may be more than you expected, but you will thank her for it in the end.”

What A Magnificent Dominatrix She Is.

“This was my first session with Mistress. I hadn’t sessioned for about two years and felt a little rusty and nervous, but Mistress was very sympathetic and put me at ease.

We’d already met at an exhibition of her artwork, which had impressed me with its insight and creativity. I could tell the artist knew her subject and wasn’t using it for shock value. It was a genuine engagement with the world of BDSM, exploring ideas of identity and performance within this world, which I recognized so well in her artwork. When I met the artist and found she was an intelligent and friendly 6 foot tall practicing Dominatrix we just knew what was going to happen…

So this was my first session with the artist as a Dominatrix, and what a magnificent Dominatrix she is!

Impressively tall and attractive with a voluptuous and powerful figure which she used to devastating effect. She was very physical, more so than any previous Mistress, and was quite prepared to push me but wasn’t too hard at any point. But when she judged I could take it, she ramped it up. But she also slowed down and helped me to recover between the various phases of the session. She truly is an Artist of Denial and Pleasure!

Her wrestling holds and head scissors were so powerful, she held my balls with her strong hands and I was in subspace, totally overwhelmed by her sensuality

She later tied me to her leather table and gave my genitals some intense electrical treatment, but always careful to monitor the effects she was having. She encouraged me to communicate and even to make suggestions which she was happy to incorporate. It was a two-way thing but she was definitely the one in charge!

I couldn’t have asked for a better return to the BDSM world with such a sensitive and experienced Mistress, who really understood my needs.​​​​​​​

I’m so happy that she is my new Mistress and l’m already looking forward to next time…”

A Fantastic Session

“A fantastic session – Enthusiastic, gentle, very skilful, considerate, and oh so sensual. I definitely need a longer session next time.”

Fabulous Meet

“Had a Fabulous meet with Mistress, looking forward to seeing her again”