Fetishes and Domination

Fetishes And Domination.

Body Worship, Sissification, Sensual Tantric Massage and so much more…

Find below a list of my particular interests. This list is not exhaustive, therefore if you do not see something you wish to indulge in you may politely contact me to enquire as to whether I would be happy to engage in such fetishes.

Blindfolding – I feel this is vital for the full sensory experience, to awaken every part of you, you must trust me implicitly. You won’t know what’s coming and you will love every moment of it.

Tie and Tease – I adore tying up my subs and leaving them completely helpless. You may be in cuffs attached to my door, tied to a chair or bound on your knees, kneeling before me, where I will awaken all of your senses. I have been known to tie my subs to my beams (in Herefordshire) on a special occasion!

Edge play– I will use various toys to keep you on the edge of your orgasm, this is one of the things I am best at. I will edge you within an inch of your life!

Spanking – I use a series of different floggers and paddles, most are soft. My favourite is a real animal fur flogger, soft on the one side and a very mild sting on the other. I like to spank you in different positions and a favourite is me sat on a chair whilst you are bent over my lap with your full body weight on me, complexly helpless and exposed. Naughty boys get red bottoms!

Sensual tantric massage – This is my speciality and do this towards the later part of the session. I move slowly over your body, with the softest of touches, restoring harmony. You will feel sensations from your head to your toes. It includes Indian head, foot massage, and massage around your buttox and thighs. as well as prostate massage (if requested). I use soothing objects on your body and I use my body weight to add pressure and relief. I use warm unscented oils. it’s a very highly tactile experience – read more.

Cock and ball play and ball massage –  I will enjoy binding up your cock and balls and adding pressure accordingly. I can lightly slap your cock and squeeze and massage your testicles, with agreed, varying levels of force.

Sissification – I have a variety of outfits to dress you up. Everything from soft satin negligée to short-fitted fitted sexy tight dresses, to maid outfits. We can add suspender belts, beautiful stockings and sassy high heels. A complete makeover is also possible. I will parade you up and down in front of the mirror as the sassy prima donna we both know you are.

Mat play – I can offer mild wrestling, putting you in some holds and teasing you at the same time (I only offer this for 20 min) and combine other things into a longer session.

Talk therapy – Initially when we meet I will offer you a drink and you will have time to talk through any feelings and emotions you may want to share. This is a highly personal experience and I want you to feel you can open up to me and we can take as long as you want.

Ball busting – I love the sound of my naked foot sensually hitting your testicles. Don’t be afraid, I can work on all levels. Nothing is better than seeing you on all fours at my mercy!

Fantasy roleplay – I have played many roles in my time as a dominatrix, If you have a taboo fetish you would like to roleplay with me, please ask.

Shoe & Foot Fetish – For Foot Fetish Fans you will enjoy my size 9.5 feet. I like to be barefoot also and let you worship my feet and glide them all over your naked body with some oil. I can even place them in that tight little mouth of yours to silence your groans  – read more

Wilderness experience – I will lead you into the wilderness, and open you up, emotionally, physically and mentally. I will tie you down (or to a tree) and use many natural things from this environment to make you feel truly alive, (sloshing is possible). I know of a discreet location deep into the woods in Herefordshire, this would be done when it’s dark. Try if you dare!

Electrics – I primarily use my estim machine, using cock loops, and pads, most of my clients really enjoy this.

Other things I offer

  • Body worship (thighs, legs, feet)
  • Wax play
  • Face slapping and body slapping
  • Bi play
  • Strap on play (all sizes)
  • Animal play
  • Weight play
  • Heel worship
  • Humiliation (at your request)
  • Smoking fetish
  • Medical sounds and needle play  (for more experienced)
  • CP
  • Breath play
  • Water sports (I don’t do this live)
  • Stocking worship
  • Slave training
  • POT (Post orgasm torture)
  • Nipple play
  • Chastity
  • Bondage (ropes and restraints)
  • Cuckold chat
  • Nurse play
  • Double Domme
  • JOI – Jerk off instruction
  • Spitting
  • Caning
  • Gags, hoods
  • Classroom

I will work at a pain/psychological level we are both comfortable with and a full consultation will take between us before I will proceed

Mistress is really happy to consider any unusual requests that may not be listed. I am particularly interested in any unusual kinks and fetish choices, so don’t be shy, just let me know!

Please Note!

I DO NOT participate in any of the following: AB/DL type scenarios, hardsports, intimate Worship, nude sessions (CFNM only), or anything illegal.

I also do not offer any sexual services, I am not an escort.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul

Carl Yung