Sensual Tantra massage

Welcome to the world of Tantra Massage, a sacred and transformational journey that invites you to explore the depths of your own being and connect with your partner on a deeper level. Tantra Massage is not just about physical touch; it is a holistic experience that incorporates mindfulness, breathwork, and touch to awaken your senses and tap into your hidden potential.

Why I Use Tantra and Massage

I use Tantra and massage because it’s a way to experience a sense of wholeness, intimacy and love. Ultimately Tantra is about connecting with your own energy and establishing a deeper understanding of yourself and I feel my sessions really offer that

How the Sessions Work

Generally in the first half of the session I will push your body to an agreed limit and will put you in varying positions, on a chair, floor, spanking bench and sometimes restrained and we start the process of awakening your senses (preferably blindfolded) as it will allow you to go further into yourself and the experience, and the last half of the session you will be lying on a very comfortable massage table and I will use soft touching, my weight, mild breath work, specific tools and will incorporate your head and feet and non-scented oils and creams will be used also

I also enjoy doing the entire session on just the massage table, it can be as intense or as relaxed as you want but I promise you, it will always be nurturing

Sensual Tantra Massage - with Mistress Charlie Suede

Why the Balance of BDSM is so Important and How Tantra Can Play a Vital Role in This

Neuroplasticity reveals that our brains over time continue to alter. To be shaped and moulded across our lifetime in response to our relationships, behaviours, and life experiences. Studies show that our brains can influence our behaviour but the opposite can be true, our behaviours can influence our brains

In addictions, we become habituated to something, for example, a drug, with enough repetition new things get hardwired into our brains. Emotionally charged experiences mean less repetition is necessary to achieve the hardwiring and this is how very powerful highs can lead to brain changes with addictive behaviours

Sexual experiences which again are emotionally charged experiences, sexual behaviours get hardwired into our brains very easily

The human libido is not hardwired, altered by our psychology and the history of sexual experiences

We have separate networks related to sexual arousal, aggression and fear and this is shaped by our sexual experiences and in BDSM our experiences begin to fuse them together and this is where the brain can get confused, neurons that fire together wire together so aggression triggers arousal, fear sexual interest, etc

So if the human libido is not hardwired I have an opportunity to counterbalance and harmonise these separate networks and fuse them with connectivity and a healing component and spending time with me in a nurturing and warm environment

There is a very real and valid reason why clients visit me and why they open up to me so vividly, because there is an intrinsic desire for them to do so. I always feel honoured that you trust me with this very personal information.  It’s important for me to understand as much as I can so I can deliver the right kind of session that you specifically require and  every session I do is unique to each of my client’s needs

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