Mistress Task

Mistress has a specific task for you when you visit her. I want you to give me the tribute for the session in a plain white DL envelope. You must create something on the front on the envelope, something personal from yourself, it can be what is inside your head, your soul, your fantasy or how you feeling and you can do this in the form of poetry, lyrics, a drawing, a cutout, collage, a print, literally anything from yourself, something personal. You must date the back envelope and put your initials on there too. 

Do not write my Mistress name on this envelope. I just want you to be expressive and something unique from you

I particularly enjoy receiving visuals, drawings, sketches, ink, doodles, watercolours even paint…and love words too

It can be something very free, or funny, you could even stick something on it

It can be just block colour, just feel what’s inside you…

But be creative and think outside the box! I will be impressed if you do! I love colour 

Do not bend or crease the envelope and do not seal the envelope and ideally bring it to me in a polly pocket.

If you can write in a high quality pen this will help preserve the work

Thank you

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